Vampire Seduction:
A Gothic Tale of the Undead.

I tear my hair in frustration that I can find no peace of mind.
Late on a night in the Fall of the year, I was restless. As I left my room to take a walk through the castle where I was a guest, I felt a chill in the air. I came across a room I had not seen before. It was dark and cold despite the fire burning in the grate. The only light in the room was coming from the fireplace. I had been wandering around restlessly in the castle for the whole day. Now I pulled my hands through my hair in frustration that I could find no peace in my mind. I could not even clarify in my thoughts what it was that I lacked. I stood near the fire to warm myself. I was afraid I was lost in that big castle and everything seemed so different than it had before. I was afraid I couldn't find my way back to my room. As I stood by the fire seeking the comfort of warmth, I had a feeling someone was watching me. It had to be my imagination because no one was there. At least no one seemed to be there.
Then all of a sudden a dark figure appeared from nowhere. Out of the shadows as if actually formed from them came a woman: beautiful, but cold and distant seeming but still with an air of controlled passion. At first I was startled, but curious. Unknown to me then, my Seductress had come to claim me, advancing out of the darkness of the night to create a whole new reality for me. In a rush she was upon me and there was a confusion of struggle which was strangely stimulating and yet satisfying. She pulled my dress from my body and caressed me in ways which made it nearly impossible to resist.
My Undead Seductress appears out of the shadows.
Satisfied as never before, I submit to my fate.
We wrestled body to body in a struggle which I cannot now decide to have been conflict or to have been pleasure. I reached a peak of satisfaction at a level I had never achieved before. As I was still at this great height of stimulation, she took me again in the unique manner of the Undead. This brought a further peak of feelings to me which I cannot begin to adequately describe. After that I relaxed into submission to my fate as a natural reaction to the totality of the feelings generated in my body and mind, being strangely and totally sated.
That's when she led me out into the night. She led me as a beast. I was unsteady on my feet and confused in my mind. There the transformation began which would usher me into my new life and eventually a glorious future. I had no way to know this at that time however. I knew only that she was my Mistress with a totally inexplicable hold on me. I would obey her without question or hesitation.
Confused in my mind, I am driven to my fate.
In the graveyard, they come for me. I was led to a grave site unlike any I had seen before. The graves seemed old and were covered with rocks. Unnamed plots as if they were forgotten or never known to anyone living. The moon was covered in what looked like glowing blood. My Seductress must have put me in some kind of trance for I willingly let her chain me there where she left me. I could feel the presence of what I thought were birds. I was wrong. Out of the sky came bats and from the ground came the dead. I knew then they were here for me, but for some odd reason I was not afraid. At last I relaxed fully into submission to my fate, losing consciousness with my will to resist.
I later found myself wandering through the woods where I stumbled across what looked to be an old house. There were more graves around. Then to my surprise I sensed a mortal lurking about in the dark. Being able to sense the presence of someone in the dark in this way and to know without question that it was a human was totally new to me. There, I saw her! Her beauty overwhelmed me and I hungered for her in a way I had never hungered for another woman or man before. Just a taste would do. But after a taste, the craving grew even stronger. I fought within myself . Take her, my blood screamed but I resisted the urge. The internal fight grew stronger within until finally I could not hold myself back any longer. I had to have her! With no control over my hunger I seduced her and took her, using a power and skill that I had apparently just learned from my Seducer. Using her own life force against her as I brought her to complete satisfaction in her preparation for my feeding, I attempted to give her all of the pleasure that my Seductress had given to me. But I then took too much of her and she was left empty and drained. I must in future learn to control my powers. She was my first. I will never forget her.
I claim my own first victim, a beautiful young woman.
Now I am transformed from a mortal woman to an immortal vampire.
The next thing I knew I awoke in the grotto below the castle. I was being awakened by bats flying around my head, crying their shrill cries. I was not afraid. All fears had passed as if in dreams during the night as I made the transition from mortal woman to immortal vampire. I felt a strange feeling of complete satisfaction I had never experienced before. I was covered in blood and I looked around and the walls were also red with blood. Then I saw the prey which had feed me and I realized I was never again to be the same person I had been. Now I was one with them: I too was one of the Undead and craved to feed on the mortal flesh of mankind. In my fully satisfied state, I felt no regrets at all for the loss of my mortality and its restraints and limitations.
I awoke the next night in my new home, in my new bed wondering how I was going to control my hunger. Never wanting to take everything away from any one mortal again. To only take what was needed to live. These were my foremost thoughts. Days passed and I now found myself to be the apparent mistress of the castle. I came to find the only secure and comfortable place to spend the day and sleep undisturbed was in a coffin. As time went on I matured and became at home in my new state of being. I eventually came to realize that I needed someone to share my new way of life with. I decided to search for others like myself.
My coffin, my bed of repose.
In the spirit world. It was a long journey both of the spirit and of the flesh. In the light of the full moon I stopped to gaze upon the spirits of the ones who had gone before me. Remembering those who I once had loved, knowing I was never to see them again. In the midst of my loneliness I called upon the spirits to guide me to the others who left before me.
On my journey I came across an opening in the woods where it was foggy and damp. Along with the light from the moon glaring off the haze of the fog and the hunger within me I saw the blood that was spilled and wasted in the horror of war among humans. I must have been close to those of my kind though because I sensed their presence. I must go on for daylight grew near.
In the charnal house of war.
I find my Mistress, my Seductress. Then I eventually found the one who I sought. The one who created the magical transformation within me to begin with. For she is my Mistress and Seductress, the one to whom I forever belong and to whom I owe gratitude for all the wonders of my new and magical existence. She will teach me to control the violence of my hunger. She will pass on to me her wisdom and the subtleties of her centuries of learning. I now know where I belong and am to be. Where I am to live and grow and to learn the ways of my new life, opening now fully before me.
I am now complete. I have come a long way and now understand the life I now live and the ways of my immortal family. I transform and fly at will with my companions into the mysteries of the night. I also have learned the full extent of respect for those whom I feed upon, to conserve their lives and not waste them. To love them in the best way an immortal can love a mortal and to give them satisfaction in exchange for the sustenance of the life energy they give to me. My lovers never forget the pleasure and satisfaction I give to them.
I am now complete, at home with my companion Undead.
I am now free with my own throne in my own realm. I now sit upon my own throne in my own realm within the great realm of the Undead, remembering the trials and tribulations through which I have lived. Comfortable with knowing that things from the past can never harm me again. Knowing myself and never having to worry about life as I knew it before as a limited mortal. I am now free. Free of the mortals and their uncaring, unloving and disrespectful ways. Never to experience the pain or cruelty of the living again. Free to appear as I will. Free to fly in bat or human form. And free to express myself to the fullest in all ways, according to my desires only. Free among my immortal companions forever.

Copyright 2002 by WildChild the Original ChainLady of Jacksonville
All Rights Reserved